Concrete is the most critical part of a construction project. Low quality concretes always cause different issues in the building. Instead of using other types of concrete, you should avail the ready-mix concrete manufactured by TETRA Engineering (PVT). The company is situated in Lahore and is working from 2012.

The Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building of the world, has a long list of superlatives. This list includes the highest number of stories, long travel elevators, an excessive number of occupied floors and the world’s highest swimming pool. Maybe this was not possible at all, if the advancements in building materials like concrete have not been made in recent 20-30 years.

Concrete was not a cost-friendly material if the tall building were to build because of its limited strength, weight and its fabrication. Usually, steel was used for the construction of tall buildings. But within time, there were many advancements made in the concrete technology. Engineers were able to make concrete with greater strength, modulus, and durability.

Ready-mix concretes are the best solution for huge structures because they provide a broad range of mechanical properties and durability. Despite this, there were a large number of problems to face for the civil and structural engineers in the construction of Burj Khalifa. A significant part of the Burj Khalifa is made up of the ready-mix concrete structure except for the top where the structural steel spire within a diagonally braced lateral system is used.

A total quantity of 330,000 m3 of High-performance ready-mix concrete is used in the whole building. The primary requirement for the timely completion of the building was to pump the concrete to a height of 600 meters in a short period of 30 minutes so that it was ensured that the concrete keep its high-performance properties and it stayed workable.

For this purpose, high-pressure pumps were used to pump the ready-mix concrete up to the height. For minimizing the construction time, the high-performance concrete was designed as self-consolidating which means it does not require vibration and it leveled itself and spread due to its self-weight.

According to facts discussed above the main factor in constructing, a tall building like Burj Khalifa is time. There is less time available, and a massive amount of concrete is required, which is only achievable by using ready-mix concrete.

Therefore, it is nearly impossible to use the traditional method of making concrete because it requires more time and also the required concrete may not be made according to needs, in this case, ready-mix concrete should be used. Hence, the ready-mix concrete is the best option for construction of tall buildings like Burj Khalifa.

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