TETRA Engineering (Pvt) came into existence and started providing its services in 2012. The company provides high-quality ready-mix concrete. Due to the quality services, the company grew to different cities in Pakistan. Every city has batching plants to carry out the projects and decrease the cost of it and to be comfortable to provide services to the clients. The core service offered by TETRA Engineering (Pvt) is the production of ready-mix concrete for the construction of residential commercial, industrial and any other type of construction projects.

What are Transit mixers?

Transit mixers are trucks that are used to mix the concrete and deliver them on the site where work is being done. They are named transit because the concrete can be mixed even when the truck is on the move. It is perfectly designed to mix the concrete and make a proper mixture required to be used on construction sites. Transit mixers are the best solution for saving time because you will not have to mix the concrete at some other place and then deliver it to the site.

The transit mixer contains water and some dry material, which is mixed by the rotation of spiral blades. These blades are fixed in a drum, and the drum also rotates when the mixing is in process. After the mixture has been prepared, it is thrown out of the drum when the spiral blades move in the opposite direction. It saves a lot of time and human resources. The concrete remains in its stable state because it is being mixed until delivered to the destination.

TETRA Engineering and their Transit mixers

TETRA Engineering has a large fleet of transit mixers to fasten the construction process and make strong concrete mixtures. They have the best machinery for construction and transit mixers are one of them.

Transit mixers come up with a variety of features to make work easy for us. Both advanced and straightforward features are available in them. TETRA Engineering has chosen the best and advanced featured transit mixers for the company. Some features of transit mixers owned by TETRA Engineering are as follows:

  • The rotating drum and spirals are of excellent quality with long life.
  • All of the operations and functionalities are user-friendly.
  • The motor and hydraulic pump used in them are of superior quality
  • For the prevention of the concrete mixture from dust, hardened rollers are available in the rotating drum.
  • The rotation of the drum and spiral blades is very smooth to provide a perfect concrete mixture.