Ready-mix concrete

TETRA Engineering (PVT) is a Lahore based company whose sole purpose is to provide high-quality ready-mix concrete for various types of construction projects being carried out in Lahore in its nearby areas. The company has been providing quality services from the past 6 to 7 years and has always met the requirements of the clients.

Ready-mix concrete is also known as RMC. This concrete is mostly produced in the batching plant by using specific ingredients with a specific amount and proper machinery used to mix all the ingredients. Ready-mix concrete is produced in the result of the proper mixture, which is then used for different construction purposes. Ready-mix concrete was first produced in 1930 by a factory. Later on, the production of this concrete nearly stopped around the late ’80s. But from the past many years, the production of ready-mix concrete has significantly increased.

Ready-mix concrete is considered as the best option over the concrete prepared on the construction site because it can produce more volume due to the proper proportion of ingredients used in it. It also helps in the reduction of work on the construction site.

Environmental friendly

Ready-mix concrete is very eco-friendly. The reason behind it is that it does not produce any waste of dirt on the construction and the nearby areas because it is produced in a restricted area we call the factory.

High speed

Ready-mix concrete increases the speed of the construction project. If you try to make concrete of your own using a different method, it will consume time, but this concrete will always be available to you in its finishing form.

Low cost

Producing a concrete of your own might cost you high because you might purchase the ingredients in an excessive amount, which might get wasted. Aggregates for this type of mixture are chosen very carefully, and they comprise 65 to 70 percent of the concrete. Ready-mix concrete is already prepared for you with the proper portion of ingredients, and it will cost you less.

Zero dust pollution

This type of concrete will cost no dust pollution because it will be manufactured by using specific mixtures, which need the power to rotate, and they do not release any dust and smoke.

As per the advantages mentioned above, ready-mix concrete is the best choice for your construction projects. TERA Engineering (PVT) is providing high-quality ready-mix concrete for your construction projects.