The core service offered by TETRA Engineering (PVT) is the production of ready-mix concrete for the construction of residential commercial, industrial and any other type of construction projects. They used highly advanced machinery and methods to provide you with quality concrete. They offer services in different areas of Lahore. You can contact them by visiting their office, making a phone call or visiting their website to get all the detailed information about the company and the services they provide. TETRA Engineering (PVT) always prioritize the needs of their customer.

Concrete is a combined material made up with different materials such as sand concrete and aggregates, used for construction. The concrete is used as the binder material in concrete. he aggregates include sand and other particles like crushed stone and gravels. Manufacturing of concrete includes various steps. Following are the steps of concrete manufacturing

  • Batching
  • Mixing
  • Batching

    Batching is the primary process in concrete manufacturing, and it is used to measure the quantities of the materials used in concrete manufacturing. The procedure of batching is done in 2 ways. First, is called volume batching and the second one is called batching by weight. Batching by volume is not an accurate or useful method because the volume measurements of materials by volume may not be efficient. Batching by weight is in use, and it is beneficial because it gives the accurate amount of material required.


    The 2nd process is mixing the materials of concrete so that a uniform material can be obtained. The mixing of concrete is also done in two ways.

  • Hand mixing
  • Machine mixing
  • Hand Mixing

    The hand mixing method is typically used where a small quantity of concrete is required. This is not an efficient method because the material obtained by this method is not entirely homogeneous and also there is some wastage of material occurs, and hence a little more amount of material and labor is also required for hand mixing.

    Machine Mixing

    The machine mixing method is used where a large amount of good quality concrete is required like high-rise buildings or dams. The concrete made with machine mixing is not only practical but also inexpensive. The machines used for concrete mixing are known as mixers. The mixers in which concrete is mixed in a batch-wise manner are known as batch mixers. Whereas the mixers which mix concrete continuously are known as continuous mixers.