TETRA Engineering (PVT) is manufacturing excellent quality concrete on a daily basis and making a lot of contribution in the ongoing construction market of Pakistan. They are known for their best services and reliable, ready-mix concrete. The amount of concrete produced by them can at least cover 80,000 cubic meters per month.

Ready-mix concrete is known as the concrete, which is made or mixed on a batching, plant and after that delivered on the construction site. The ready-mix concrete is made according to the specifications provided by the client, and then it is transported to the construction site in the plastic state. The ready-mix concrete is delivered to the site in cylindrical trucks, which are known as the “concrete mixers” or “Transit Mixers.” Ready-mix concrete has a lot of benefits in both technological and price factors. Ready-mix concrete is very beneficial for the construction industry and is very helpful in achieving working productivity.

The Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete are as following:

Quality Assured Concrete

The quality of ready-mix concrete is constant because it is made with the exact amount and computerized control. The amount of aggregate and water can be controlled through a computer. Different parameters of concrete like a slump, water-concrete ratio, compressive strength, and workability can be handled easily.

Construction Speed

A transit mixer can carry a large amount of concrete up to 7 cum, and it is loaded in 15-20 minutes. Therefore the concreting speed on site is high.

Low concrete consumption

The ready-mix concrete is made in computerized machines. Therefore, the use of concrete is 10-15 percent low because of proper handling and mixing. If any other cementitious material or mineral admixture is used, then there is further reduction possible in concrete usage.

Cost Saving

Due to the computerized measurements of the raw material the wastage of material is minimized which results in the savings of the cost of concrete. The cost of labor will also be reduced because no labor will be required for the mixing of concrete. Hence, the overall cost will also decrease

Versatility in uses and methods of placing

The mix design of ready-mix concrete can be made according to the needs of the contractor and pacing methods, so it is easy to use ready mix concrete. The ready mix concrete can also be used in adverse weather.

Reduced Pollution

The dust and noise pollution on the site will also be decreased by using ready-mix concrete.